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Astrology has emerged as a huge sector in the recent years. It has been prevalent in our society since a long time but the level of awareness is much higher and greater now. The growth in technology is also directly corresponding to this fact. The Islamic Astrologer has become very popular over the years as it gives the platform to predict the future of the clients. It is human tendency to be curious about the future. It is this curiosity which drives them to visit the astrologers and dig questions related to their future.

Astrology is a science which can be learned and mastered. The astrologers learn the subject and the techniques which help them to provide the customers with the required answers. The clients connect with the astrologers with the queries regarding their life and problems. The common problems which have been realised in this field are:

• Financial issues are the most common problem which is experienced by the customers and they want to have the remedies which can help to curb the problem.

• Love life is unsettled. This again is a common issue which people experience in their life. The astrologers can see their planetary movements and then advise them to follow the desired path to achieve positive results.

• Property related issues are also discussed with the astrologers.

• Health issues have also found a prominent place in the world of astrology. People have to face several health issues reach out to the astrologers to find solutions to deal with the problem. The astrologers can suggest them with the tips to keep health at an optimum condition.

• Marriage related problems. Either people who are unable to get married or married people who are experiencing marital issues. People who face infidelity in a relationship also seek for astrological remedies.

The Islamic astrologer can give answers to above mentioned queries and help the customers to deal with the problem. The online presence of such service providers are also increasing because people indulge in online search for such platforms. Thus the demand for the astrologers has been rising consistently.